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When can babies have soft toys in their cot?

A baby’s cot can be a very important place for them. It is their safe space where they go to sleep and play. However, it can also become a hazard if there are too many things in the cot with the baby that could cause injury. One of these hazards might be soft toys positioned in the cot. Babies love playing with soft toys so much that they will reach out for them when awake or asleep – which can lead to some unfortunate accidents! Here we talk about what age babies should have soft toys inside their cots at all!

Babies can have soft toys in their cot from the age of 12 months. It is best to avoid putting soft toys and other unsafe items into a baby’s cot before this because they are not able to roll over and so might suffocate if given too many things at once or any object that could cause them harm.

Your baby’s cot should not have pillows or duvets, bumpers, soft toys, and any other products (such as wedges or straps) that will keep your baby in one sleeping position.

The age at which babies can have a soft toy in their cot varies depending on your preference (or if you prefer not to use any items that may cause suffocation)! It’s important for parents to find ways of stimulating their child without introducing harmful objects into the environment as soon as possible, so an activity mat would be ideal! Ideally, you want your baby sleeping in an empty cot and using soft toys for playtime when they’re awake – this will ensure both safety and fun!

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