We are fully aware of how important is having a sustainable business these days, therefore, we always trying to improve how our toys are made, what material we use and how long they can last.


  • Our toy filling is Recycled Polyester Craft Filling which is hypoallergenic, natural, safe, flame retardant and what most important made from post-consumer recycled polyester.

  • All our toys come in cardboard boxes made from a minimum of 90% recycled material which can be fully recycled again or re-used as a beautiful storage box – this is the reason we make them look so cool!

  • Our mailing bags are from 100% recycled material so kinder to the environment and they can be recycled again.

  • We are fully aware that fleece material is not most eco-friendly on the planet but we strongly believe that our toys can last many years and can be passed from one family to another. To make sure our toys are durable for a long time we recommend a gentle hand wash only.

  • Maua Gang constantly looking for eco-friendly fabrics and materials which can be used for our toys however It is hard to find eco-friendly materials which comply with EU safety regulations.

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