Why Handmade products are better for all of us?

Updated: Jun 11

I believe that handmade products are superior to anything mass-produced. Let me show you 10 reasons why:

1.Handmade is environmentally friendly

Handmade products consume significantly less energy than anything that arises on the assembly line. Usually, handmade products are manufactured and sold in one region or country without traveling thousands of miles abroad from the factory to the distribution center. A smaller footprint means a better world.

2. Handmade is good for communities

By buying handmade products you support the local economy, the local community and a real person. This is very important because you can be sure that money stays in the UK and you support local artisans that taxes are paid fairly and not money sent abroad to large international companies that love to avoid paying taxes and focus on maximizing profits.

3. Handmade is high quality

Handcrafted items are usually made of high-quality materials carefully selected by the manufacturer. Craftsmen and artists put their passion and whole heart into every item created, you can always feel the difference when something is made this way, not in the factory.

4. Handmade is unique

One of the most common reasons why people love handicrafts is because they like to have something that doesn't come from a large company.

Unlike gifts from large brands and stores, you'll often find differences in the uniqueness of each handmade item, which makes products and shopping unique. Having a handmade product is as unique as you.

5. Handmade keeps traditional skills and crafts alive

By supporting local artisans, you are helping to keep real traditional skills and crafts alive. These qualified people can practice what they do best, keeping often forgotten skills alive, passing on love and passion to another generation.

6. Handmade is made by real people

By buying handmade products, you are 100% sure that it is made by a real person, not an automatic assembly line. Very often you can meet this person in local markets, pop art, and even buying online, you can be sure that you are talking to the producer, not to customer service on another continent.

7. Handmade lasts forever

Do you remember that all purchased items lasted longer and were often passed down from generation to generation? Handmade products are often made of high-quality materials and precision craftsmen create products as if they were doing it for themselves. They are not focused on profits but on customer quality and joy

8. Handmade shows that you care

By buying a unique hand-made product for your loved one, you really show how much you care. This means that you took the time to look for it and wanted to give something special.

9. Handmade is valued more

It has been proven that people value an object more when they know how much time it took to create something, when they know it is a work of art and it can take years. Knowing that someone has invested time and energy in creation, you gain more respect for him.

10. Handmade is better for your conscience

Buying handmade shows that you are aware that your actions affect the wider picture. It shows that you care about others around the world, you do not support large companies, unethical sources of supply and low labor costs. It makes you feel good with your purchase.

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