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Soft Toys for Adults

Soft toys for adults

Soft toys for adults – it sounds crazy but there are so many benefits from having a plush friend.

The study showed that as many as 34% of adults sleep with a soft toy every night. while 15% admit they can’t sleep without them. Amazingly, 5% of adults smuggled a teddy bear with them to work.

When teddy bears were lost, men were on average more devastated than women, and 21% said they felt like they had lost their best friend, compared with just 19% of women.

Don’t be shy if you’re an adult and you love your stuffed toys. There is nothing more soothing than hugging your little friend, these little gentle friends are always for you.

It is good practice to always have one soft toy with you, it is even better to have a large soft toy to sleep, and a smaller one to carry in your bag or pocket. Having a nice stuffed friend next to you can help you in any stressful situation.

Remember there is nothing shameful to have a plush when you are an adult!

soft toys for adults
Jo Bunny soft toy
soft toys for adults
Dalton Twin perfect toys that fits in the pocket.

Maua Gang toys are great for adults and kids. We have a large selection of small toys that fit easily into pockets or purses.

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