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How to Organise Your Little One’s Room

Kids’ rooms can be a nightmare. You spend all day cleaning, organising, decluttering and 10 seconds later it was like you never bothered. For every item of clothing or toy you give to charity, another seems to sprout up in its place. If there is one room in your house that drives you insane, it is probably your kid’s bedroom.

It sometimes feels like a never-ending task, but hope is not lost. There are ways to declutter and organise your kid’s room that may save you some time and headaches. We’ve pulled together a list of some of the ways you can make taking on the kid’s room challenge, just a little bit easier.

Get your kids involved

One of the best ways we’ve found to make the kid’s bedroom task a little easier is to involve them in the cleaning. It’s easier to clean with kids than to clean around them and kids as young as three years old are eager to participate.

Far from getting bored, they enjoy spending time with their parents. From your perspective, you’re taking on a cleaning task, but from a child’s point of view, you’re in their room and interacting with them and their toys. This is fun for kids, and if you get them started young, it will be something they enjoy doing with their parents. It might even make for a memory or two as they grow.

Everything has a home

Talking to kids about how their stuff has a home will resonate with them. Children, especially young children, personify things. So if they learn their things have a home to live in, they’ll naturally gravitate towards putting it there.

This is especially true of a stuffed toy collection. Their stuffed toys are usually associated with a personality. Kids become overly attached to them and are unwilling to let them go, so giving them a home is a great way to keep your kid’s room clutter-free.

Get creative

“Everything has a place”. Great in theory but not so great if that place is just a random corner on the floor. Get creative with storage and cubbies for creating homes for your child’s things. Storage can be difficult, especially in smaller rooms and can make it challenging to organise. Great kids room storage solutions use the entire space. Stacking boxes, under bed storage, cubby holes and hanging storage are all great solutions. We love hanging storage for soft toys; they are usually made of mesh and are stretchy and comfortable looking for your little one’s best friends to “hang out” together.

How to store plush toys

Give them permission to let go

Telling your kids it’s ok to let go of toys is a great gift to give them. Having too much stuff around them can become overwhelming for kids of any age, and it can end up as clutter. As we said before kids personify things, so telling them it’s ok for them to let go of toys can help the process. Talking them through giving toys to charity and other little boys and girls getting the joy from their old toys that they no longer play with can ease the process.

Make it a game

Here’s the thing, kids like playing, they do not like chores. Make organising your kids room a game and get their toys involved. You could assign each toy a number and have them count as they tidy each one. Or make it a game of hide and seek and get their teddies and soft toys involved. However you do it, make it fun.

Sing, dance, clean

I don’t know about you, but when I clean, I like music. Now that I think about it, my mum used to clean with music too. Snow White sang about whistling while you work, or was that the dwarfs? The point is that singing when you’re working or cleaning is a great way to make it enjoyable. Kids naturally love song and dance and incorporating music into cleaning their room will make it so much more fun. Open the windows, let the fresh air in and blast out their favourite songs.

However, you choose to do it, make sure that cleaning is fun. Your kids will model your example, so if you want them to keep their bedrooms clean, the best idea is to show them how to do it. When you clean the kitchen, if you grumble every time you mention the word clean, it will negatively impact your kids. Framing the decluttering of their bedroom in a positive light will have a lasting effect on not only your sanity but on the way your child looks after their space.

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