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Choose Best Plush Toys for Baby

Choose Best Soft Toys for Babies

How do you choose the best soft toy for babies?

There is no doubt that children need toys. They play an important role in the development of children and give them great joy. If you have any doubts about this, take your child to the toy store once. You know how important it is. Toys are more than just fun and games for children; they provide opportunities for children to learn.

Every new shape, colour, texture, taste, and sound is like a learning experience for children. Giving your child safe and encouraging toys will help improve his motor skills. Sensory toys are very helpful for children with sensory processing disorders. Toys in different colours are great for children and accelerate their development.

There are a variety of toys on the market for children of all age groups. It isn’t easy to choose between them but I will help you to figure out what to do to get the perfect toy.

soft toys

What kind of soft toys?

Today, baby toys and soft toys come in any shape you can think of – good old traditional teddy bears, modern stuffed toys, and even electronic singing and interactive animals.

Why do kids like soft toys?

Kids seem to get some relief from familiar things and soft toys  can mean a lot to them. Babies and children like to cling to a particular tool or soft toy and refuse to leave home without it!

Stuffed toys help children to feel safe, hugging a teddy bear helps to release oxytocin – a loving hormone that makes your child feel safe and happy. This is also the reason why you also have to hug your child as often as you can!

Toys Checks – What do toys tags mean?

•        CE Marking –  CE logo on the  toy proves that the toy has been tested to comply with its safety standards.

•          Not suitable for children under 36 months. This slogan means that the toy is not ideal for any child under the age of three. You will find it in a soft toy with small parts that small children can take out and swallow.

Choose and buy a soft toy – toys with check pointers and indicators:

Play safety is essential when choosing children’s toys. When selecting and buying a soft toy, pay attention to the following:

•          Make sure the toy safety label states that this age is appropriate. If the toy safety label says it is not suitable for children under three, do not ignore it and give it to a small child, it can be dangerous.

•          Make sure the soft toy you choose is not too thin if your child is young and that his eyes are not made of buttons.

•          Make sure there are no very long strings or ribbons that could harm a small baby or newborn.

•          Check the safety mark on it – CE.

Choose a soft toy that is appropriate for your child’s age:

During the first two months of your baby’s life, he or she does not need any toys. Your baby will not detect their hands until they are two months old. Your toddler may grab a toy that you hold in his hand, but he can’t play with it.

But in two to three months, when your baby opens his hands and finds them for the first time – and all the things he can do with them – toys become even more valuable as educational tools.

Soft rubber squeezed toys, rattle bracelets, and easy-to-carry plastic keys do more than entertain your child. She focuses on what her hands are doing.

From about 10 to 14 weeks, your baby will enjoy a cat-like pass on the toy. Hang different shapes, textures, and sounds (rattles, musty balls, plastic or rubber rings, dolls or stuffed animals, etc.) on your baby’s crib. Or tie a string to it and place it on top of it while lying on the ground.

soft toys

Here are some safety tips to keep in mind when choosing soft toys for your baby.

1. Choose age-appropriate toys

Toys are made for every age group, so don’t be tempted to choose any colorful one. By choosing something appropriate for your child’s age, you are making sure that your child is having fun, safe, and that there is something to help them at this stage of their development.

2. The size of the toy

Avoid toys that are too small for your child. It can be tough for your child to play with toys that are too big.

3. Chewing resistance

A child has a supernatural tendency to put anything in his mouth. This is their way of finding something, and it can be dangerous for them – make sure that toy is made out of safe materials.

4. Avoid playing loud

Loud toys can be dangerous for babies because they can damage their hearing. Avoid loud sounds such as sirens, songs, or anything with recordings.

5. Avoid small and loose parts

Some toys come with removable parts, always make sure they are not too small or remove them before you give a toy to your child.

6. Washable toys

Germs spread to everything, including toys. Since your child will likely put things in his mouth, it is best to wash toys regularly to prevent your child from getting sick. Look for toys that are easy to clean. Our toys can be washed in a washing machine at a low temperature.

7. There are no wires

Always check if toy does not have any wires or string coming out. Even if they cover with the fabric they can be dangerous. It’s best to avoid toys with any sharp elements.

8. Strong toy

A happy child loves to do crazy things with his toys, hitting and pulling them is another way the child plays with them. Make sure that toys are durable and made to last.

Here at Maua Gang we make our toys with lifetime warranty and even re-fill it for free if it’s get out of shape.

9. Avoid sharp edges

If the toy breaks, it can injure your child; imagine a sharp-edged toy. Your baby’s skin is susceptible and can get damaged easily. So when your child is playing, you don’t want to give him anything that could cut or scratch his skin. Make sure you check the toy and make sure everything is smooth, and there are no stretching parts.

10. Avoid electric toys

It should be easy enough to understand. An electric toy will pose a serious risk to your child. Remember, kids, love throwing their toys, hitting around, chewing, and even sleeping with their favourite toys. If the toy is damaged throughout the game, and your child tries to put it in the mouth and short circuits, it can cause serious harm to your child.

Maua Gang Toys

Here at Maua Gang, our priority is safety, we always make sure to use EN71 certified materials that are tested and safe for your child. All our toys have been tested to get CE mark. All our soft toys are made up to the highest standards and we are proud to give a lifetime warranty if you have any issues with our toys you can fix it for free.

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