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candy huggers

Candy Huggers not only for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up and it will be different than in previous years. However, we can’t forget about our loved ones. Remember to say I Love You and make something special on that day.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to make someone smile. Try to be creative and a little bit crafty.

We thought one of the best ideas is to make candy huggers so we decided to create for you free template with Maua Gang characters. It’s so much fun!

candy huggers

Tools & materials:

  • paper scissors or craft knife
  • glue or stapler or paper clips or double-sided tape
  • thickets paper you can use in your printer
candy huggers


  • Cut out Johnny Alligator and his hands, Frank Evil and Eddie Mad Dog with paws.
  • Glue/ staple/ stick Johnny Alligator hands to his body and Eddie Mad Dog paws to his torso and bend Frank Evil’s horns.
  • Add your favourite candy, chocolate or lollypop.
  • Stick together hands, paws and horns.
  • Gift it to your loved ones.
candy huggers
candy huggers
candy huggers
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