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Home Education

The Home Education Experience

By Lauren Heaton from The Heaton Family Blog The kettle boils as my children happily draw and colour in the background. My husband sorts breakfast, while I sip my coffee, and try to come to life (cue a Dolly Parton song playing in my head). This is how the majority of our days begin, and […]

Best British Soft Toys

Top 5 British soft toy brands

As the creator of my soft toy brand, I thought it would be a good idea to include a list of the top British soft toy brands. As you’d expect, most stuffed toys nowadays come from big international or US brands so it’s not that many UK based brands. On my list, you will find […]

Soft Toys for Adults

Soft toys for adults

Soft toys for adults – it sounds crazy but there are so many benefits from having a plush friend. The study showed that as many as 34% of adults sleep with a soft toy every night. while 15% admit they can’t sleep without them. Amazingly, 5% of adults smuggled a teddy bear with them to […]

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