Best ideas to play with teddy bear

5 Ideas what to do with a teddy bear or stuffed toy

Have you ever wondered what to do with your teddy bear or favourite plush toy?

Here is a list of the top 5 ideas for what to do with a teddy bear:

Sleep with it

It doesn’t matter if you are 25, 40 or 3 years old, there is no shame in sleeping with your favourite stuffed animal. Around 60-70% of kids have an object of attachment, usually a stuffed toy or a blanket. Attachment reaches its peak around age 3, but many children maintain a strong bond that can last into adulthood.

A study by the University of Bristol suggests that children’s emotional attachment to these subjects may stem from the belief that their subject has a unique property. Almost all children who were given the opportunity to copy their product to an identical new version decided to keep the original.
Not only children can benefit from the positive impact of comfort items. According to a study from UV University Amsterdam, discussed by the Daily Mail, touching something comforting, even inanimate like a teddy bear, can help people with low self-esteem and existential / life worries.

Sleep with teddy bear
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Give it to your loved ones

Do you remember that feeling – that warm, nice feeling you get when you give a gift? It turns out to be great for your health. A growing body of research shows that gift-giving has a positive effect on physical and mental health and can contribute to extending life.

According to a study from the University of California, Berkeley, people 55 and older who volunteered for two or more charity organizations were 44% less likely to die within five years than non-volunteers – even taking into account many other factors such as age, physical activity, overall health, and negative habits such as smoking.

There is evidence that during gift-giving behaviour, we release “happy substances” into our brains such as serotonin (good mood), dopamine (feel good), and oxytocin (love).Biologically, giving can create a “warm glow” by activating areas in the brain related to pleasure, connection and trust.

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Use it as nursery decor (or just your own bedroom)

If you want to decorate your nursery in a very unique and stylish way, there is nothing better than a wonderful collection of plush toys. Place them on shelves, a baby crib or be very creative and keep them in picture frames on the wall!

ideas what to do with teddy bear
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Take photos of your cuddly toy and become a plush influencer

Have you ever thought about changing your career? Why not become an Instagram influencer, there are many people who have found great success with thousands of fans and followers. To be lucky you need to be very creative – why not create your favourite stuffed toy Instagram account.
MrMonkey has already over 26k followers and has been travelling around the world, he has visited 48 countries so far!

Hug your plush toy

Are you feeling stressed? Along with calming music, stuffed animals or teddy bears can reduce tension and stress while providing a sense of company. They are also effective in relieving many chronic conditions such as anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

When you hug soft toy such as teddy bear, it helps releases oxytocin. It is a love hormone that gives us peace and relief.
We are programmed to be more attracted to soft and cuddly things, and this applies to both children and adults.

hug your teddy bear
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What do you do with your teddy bear or plush toy? or are you looking for the perfect teddy bear?

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