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'Maua' means 'little'

I’m Maua, the creator of Maua Gang. ‘Maua’ means ‘little,’ but my whole life has been about big pursuits. Starting from the time I was little, I honed my handicraft skills, taking after my mother. It was a gift that has always felt natural to me, something passed down to my mom from my grandmother as well.

Handmade Rabbit de Niro toy

These skills born to me in my bloodline

As a child, I was always busy colouring, drawing, cutting, glueing, sewing, or knitting things. I loved creating with my own two hands. There were peace and inspiration in it all.

I started knitting while I was only in nursery school. Later on, I learned how to crochet. With my mum’s teachings, I quickly learned how to master the sewing machine. These skills born to me in my bloodline became second nature, and with her loving training, it’s what helped me finish clothing design and sewing school.

Love and enjoy the gang

I stumbled into making plushies much by accident. One day, a friend asked me to make a devil for a birthday present. That’s how Frank Evil was created. I loved the whole process of making him so much that I started sewing my other ideas and brought them all to life. Jo Bunny, Jimmy Chew, and all the rest of the gang of crazy plushies is how Maua Gang took the world by storm.

I hope you will love and enjoy the entire gang as much as I’ve loved creating them!

Maua Gang Handmade Soft Toys

Maua Gang team

Maua Gang Founder


A little mommy who creates and makes super funky toys.
Daddy from Maua Gang Toys


Daddy who takes cares of all technical stuff.
Zosia from Maua Gang Toys


The best quality control tester. She loves pulling out teddy bears eyes.
Pixi from Maua Gang Toys


The craziest dog in Croydon. She loves to eat, bark and run.
I ordered it for myself but now my pet parrot has become obsessed with it and follows the banana where ever it is. Such a cute purchase, great quality! I ordered in the morning and it arrived the next day - amazingly fast!!
Customer Review 2
Heather Hughes
Chester, UK
My three year old loves his new toy. It’s such a fun character and the perfect size for popping in a bag so I think it will be going on lots of adventures with him. It’s also really soft and comforting to hold and he is cuddling it as I write this review.
Happy Customer
Ruth J
Leicester, UK
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